Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kings River Life Reviews An Empire For Ravens

Reviewing An Empire For Ravens,Diana Hockley says:

"This twelfth story in the John, the Lord Chamberlain, series does not disappoint. Although the story starts slowly, it builds to a crescendo of violence, betrayal, and tragedy as the answer to Felix’s disappearance unfolds. John is an interesting and sympathetic character, enigmatic but immensely likable.

"Mary Reed and Eric Mayer have produced a novel rich in history, a testament to the incredible amount of research they put into each story. One could believe that you were in the city with John, sharing his adventures, so vivid is the imagery.


Read the whole review at Kings River Life.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hear Chapter One of Ruined Stones

by Mary Reed

We just had the honour of Kings River Life's Lorie Ham choosing an extract from our WW2 mystery Ruined Stones for her podcast series. Paddy Myers, the actor who recorded ours, did an absolutely bang-up job and it sounded wonderful!